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Firemanship Conference


Location:  Aurora, Illinois

Dates:  July 15 – 19, 2024

FAST Rescue Solutions:

Thurs. July 18 & Fire. July 19. – H.O.T. (2) 8-Hour Saving Your Own – FAST

Firemanship Conference

Our mission is to provide Firefighters with the best training possible, focusing on a THEM first mindset through FAITH, FAMILY and FIREMANSHIP: the Skill, Practice and Trade of Firefighting.

We do this with giving hearts, for great causes.


Have you noticed your Fire Department is steadily increasing the amount of required training in topics other than Fire Suppression? Spend a few days with us studying the art of Firefighting and perfecting your craft. We have 3 days of lectures with some of the best speakers and industry leaders in the country. We also provide 2 days of HOT classes with topics ranging from engine and truck work, mental health workshops, leadership and resilience training.

2024’s Firemanship Conference will provide several hundred of hours of education and training for more than 1,000 Firefighters of every rank from Fire Departments all across the country.

FAST Rescue Solutions:

FAST Rescue Solutions began with one objective: the safe movement and removal of downed personnel and civilians from a hazardous environment. Today, FAST Rescue Solutions is dedicated to developing products and training solutions that address the constantly evolving challenges encountered by first responders. Our mission is to develop products and training that not only meet the operational challenges of the real world but surpass currently accepted industry standards.