“Saving Your Own, FAST”

“Saving Your Own, FAST”

 “Saving Your Own, FAST” 8 Hour

 This presentation is the next level in Rescue. It is highly likely that a firefighter working on the interior will start, and hopefully complete, the rescue of a downed firefighter. We will go over a systematic approach to some conventional (and not-so-conventional) techniques to increase the chances of a quick and successful rescue. These will include techniques for:

  • How to do a rapid assessment
  • Various drags and carries
  • Movements up and down stairs, and much more

These techniques will set up the transition of rescue by an interior crew member to the interception point where an HRD like the FAST Board comes into play. This session will then lead to the Basic FAST Board Operations (BFBO) training module (above). The instructor-to-student ratio is 10:1. Each student will receive a certificate of completion.

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