FAST Board Rescue Scenarios (FBRS)

FAST Board Rescue Scenarios (FBRS)

FAST Board Rescue Scenarios (FBRS) 4 Hour

*Prerequisite: Basic FAST Board Operations (BFBO) – This can be given as an 8 Hour course in conjunction with BFBO.

As with all FAST-training deliveries, a brief review of the board and loading procedures will be conducted. The scope of this class will cover:

  • How to move and rescue a firefighter or civilian up and down portable ladders
  • How to lower the board package from an upper story window or roofline using only the components of the FAST Board and their everyday carry (EDC) in the turnout gear.
  • How to solve some of the most problematic fire rescue scenarios that firefighters have encountered using FAST-tested techniques such as:
    • The Nance Drill, which is named in memory of Columbus, Ohio Firefighter John Nance who made the ultimate sacrifice when falling through a floor.
    • The Denver Drill, which was named in memory of Denver, Colorado Firefighter Mark Langvardt who made the ultimate sacrifice in an upper-story confined storage area.
  • How to quickly rescue a firefighter who has collapsed on a pitched roof using the FAST Board.
  • The “FAST Hustle”.
    • This is a fast-paced rescue scenario that develops leadership skills and confidence in all the skills learned throughout the day’s presentation.

The instructor-to-student ratio is 10:1. Each student will receive a certificate of completion.

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