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“The board is a wonderful addition to our RIT tool compliment. The size and maneuverability of a lighter, smaller, and faster board makes victim removal that much easier, whether it’s used for dragging or lifting.

Past Chief, Brian C.


“I recently had the opportunity to take the RIT class from FAST Rescue Solutions at the Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Seminar. I have taken several RIT classes prior, however this class was probably the best out of all of them hands down. The instructors Eric, Matt, Mike, and Adam were all very knowledgeable, passionate about their craft, and gentlemen. The techniques they taught us were very simple and effective. Coupled with the method they used to teach us- crawl, walk, run with repetition- this combination gave all of us the tools to be able to not only perform in the event of downed firefighter but to be able to return to our respective departments and share the information with others. I appreciated the time Matt and Adam took to help us refine our skills as the class and skills progressed. I agree with others that this specific class should be taught in basic firefighter training. I would highly recommend this class… it can save a life!”

Robert – Lieutenant, Cherry Hill Fire Dept.


“I had the opportunity to take RIT from FAST Rescue Solutions at the 2023 Joey D Memorial Seminar, conveniently 2 weekends after I had taken RIC Weekend at my local Fire Academy. No BS – I learned more in those 4 hours from FAST Rescue Solutions than I did in the 20-hour weekend prior at my fire academy.. The experience from all of the instructors is unparalleled, but more importantly the multiple techniques taught by FAST are able to be implemented with simplicity and effectiveness in the moments you need them most. In my opinion, every single firefighter should be required to take the FAST RIT experience, not just for themselves, but for all their brothers and sisters depending on them to make sure that EVERYONE goes home. Thank you again Eric, Matt, Adam, and Mike for an unforgettable experience and for all of your continued dedication to providing the tools necessary to make sure that we ALL go home from the fireground.”

Jake B. – Firefighter/EMT, MTFD


“I had the chance to put the Fast Board to its test during a confined space firefighter rescue training. The confined space maze had me skeptical of the Fast Board’s ability to perform in such a narrow, limited visibility condition with multiple 90 degree turns to navigate. After using the Fast Board and seeing first-hand the ease of completing the rescue, I am convinced attempting that rescue by traditional dragging and pushing would have doubled the recovery time. The speed and maneuverability of the Fast board is awesome. I absolutely recommend all departments carry a Fast Board on your Rigs. It’s not just for RIT teams!”

Firefighter, Chuck G – Forks Township Fire Dept.