Basic FAST Board Operations (BFBO)

Basic FAST Board Operations (BFBO)

Basic FAST Board Operations (BFBO) 4 Hour

This is the cornerstone presentation for the FAST Rescue Board. In this presentation, the student will learn the history of and reasons why the FAST Board was invented. Our “Five or Die” culture and our “Saving Your Own, FAST” mindset are discussed so that you know your investment is in your agency’s best interest.

The class is structured as follows:

Lecture section

  • Introduction to the FAST Rescue Board, including the reasons for its invention
  • Explanation of our “Five or Die” and “Saving Your Own, FAST” culture
  • Specifications and nomenclature of the FAST Board

H.O.T section

  • Single and multiple patient loadouts
  • Board package movements up and down stairs
  • Blackout/zero visibility movements using BA Shields SCBA visibility impairment devices
  • ‘How and Why’ of Firefighter Down CPR integration with the FAST Board

We strongly recommend that all students take this course and can show command of the lessons taught before moving on to future course outlines below. The instructor-to-student ratio is 10:1. Each student will receive a certificate of completion.

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