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International Exposition Search and Rescue


Location: Tuscon, Arizona

Dates:  Feb. 19th thru 25th


Feb. 22nd, 2024 – 8 Hour H.O.T. – First Responder / Firefighter Rescue.  Cost:  $125 – This class will expose you to very efficient dirty drags and carries all the way though Hasty Rescue Device (HRDs) like the FAST Board. Our goal is to give you a structured outline of what to do when you are the first on scene to a downed FF. Evaluation, Report, Moving, and how to transition to EMS while doing FF CPR. This is a physically strenuous class. Please be ready to work hard and learn. Water will be included. Please bring snacks and/or lunch.

Feb 23, 24, 25 – Exhibit Hall:  Booth #TBD

International Expo – SAR

The Search and Rescue International Exposition is a product and service-oriented conference for Search and Rescue professionals and companies that serve the First Responder community. This 3-day event features gear, equipment, and service vendors from around the world, as well as keynote speakers related to the close-knit Search and Rescue community. The first Tucson Search and Rescue International Expo will have SAR attendees from numerous countries and various first responder organizations.

FAST Rescue Solutions:

FAST Rescue Solutions began with one objective: the safe movement and removal of downed personnel and civilians from a hazardous environment. Today, FAST Rescue Solutions is dedicated to developing products and training solutions that address the constantly evolving challenges encountered by first responders. Our mission is to develop products and training that not only meet the operational challenges of the real world but surpass currently accepted industry standards.